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i used to play center but i quit due to some kind of breathing problem i had in 2 games that left me without breat i used to be a goal keeper to and a defensive player
I do everything.
im very good at midfield. used to be my starting position. then we ran out of defenders.(they all left) So now i play D. no complaints. Apparently their moving back up to center defensive mid this year though. which is great! played keeper half games for 1.5 years. Bet ive played soccer the longest. ;)
lol i played soccer for 4 years man xD but i had to stop because my ankles arent all that great.. i have flat feet from birth i swear its a pain xD
I've been playing soccer for about 9 1/2 years, Since I was 3
I've got 13 yrs! Since I was 2. Not that that those first few years actually count.
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