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Name Change

(Spec-Ops)Cory(Ldr) / Jun 24, 2013
I'm thinking about changing our clan name to something about sith, do you think we should change it? If so what are some clan names involving sith we could change to. Respond with your comments


Lightsith XD
Why sith?
And light sith is just a rip off of darksith.
Idk I just really like sith
i can tell. (looks at name) ;)
and coming up with a sith name that doesnt sound like darksith is hard.
I say we should stay as Spec-Ops. It sounds like a name for a cool and elite clan.
you know what, thats a lot eaisier to do. STAY AS SPEC-OPS.
a petition will be sent in the form of a msg to all members. unless someone tells me not to in the next 24 hours.
No. And technicly your not part of this clan yet. Your here as a guest.
i say keep the name spec-ops i love it its elite stealthy it fits my name "Ghost" we lurk in the shadows we stalk the sith we are mandos... the elite the proud and the few
YET. you said YET. why?
do you just asume that ill join it?
(i will, but dont assume it.)
Ok ok, Correction: Your not part of this clan quantum, your here as a guest. ;)
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