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Spec-Ops Updates!

ATTENTION: You must recruit!!!!

1) Games we play are:

Republic Commando

SOON: Star Wars Battlefront 3!

2) Check out our Youtube Channel , Like and subscribe!

3) Looking for screenshots and footage of gameplay of: RC and Minecraft.
Email it to
Spec-Ops Clan

Here at Special Operations clan we pursue perfection, we try to make your gaming experience amazing. We aren't just a clan, were a family.

We have a YouTube channel!

Here is one of our videos

Spec-Ops clan plays many games. This is the Headquarters for Spec-Ops. Each of the games we play has its own site. SWTOR: RC: MineCraft:

We are the Elite. We are the Silent. We are your Shadow, constantly stalking our target.

We are Special-Operations. We don't take crap from anyone. If someone swings at us, we swing back, harder then you can ever imagine.

For the Republic! For Victory, Or Death!
Original Original Original Original

Our numbers will grow

Our motto

For the Republic we fight! To victory or death! We will not give up!

We are now recruiting!

We accept all skill levels!